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free hamilton youtube resources

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hamilton's youtube channel has a wide range of wonderful freely available resources for teachers. these can all be used to create a brilliant lesson or sequence of lessons. they are exciting, relevant and stimulating. almost all are linked to planning materials on the hamilton site - just look for the details in the video descriptions in youtube. the videos include animated tales, storytelling and poetry performances and story readings.

in addition to our youtube channel, we have specific powerpoint or pdf resources, also free, which can be used to support teachers' own lessons. these include animated tales, maths itps and everyday maths images.



unpick and explore key concepts with the full range of interactive teaching programs for your iwb, from

number and place value:
beadsticks | beadstring| counting | number line | decimal number line | 20 cards | place value | moving digits | number spinners | ordering numbers | number dials
addition and subtraction:
difference | number facts | number scales
multiplication and division:
multiplication board | multiplication array | grouping | multiplication table | multiplication facts | number grid | division grid | function blocks | grid multiplication | remainders after division
area | calculating angles | co-ordinates | fixing points | isometric grid | polygon
measuring cylinder | measuring scales | ruler | symmetry | clock | thermometer
fractions | ratio and proportion
data handling | line graph

generic maths resources (available to friends of hamilton and school subscribers)
we've given friends of hamilton and school subscribers access to a library of 80+ maths resources. these are everyday resources for showing an image or process to the whole class. the consistent use of images in your class and across the school is vital.
place value | no. tracks & grids | no. lines to 100 | no. lines 1000+ | + and -
× and ÷ | fractions | geometry | measures | statistics
to access to these maths resources sign up to become a friend or 万博manbetx赞助 .

teacher support videos
primary teaching tips videos

teacher support for homeschooling
homeschooling: support for remotely teaching english and maths.
timing, tips and advice | reading with children | early writing | maths advice

helping parents: use these videos and related materials to help parents support the development of their children's key skills.
helping with: maths (1) | maths (2) | reading | writing