year 1/2 english

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summer blocks

fiction 4 units

read and enjoy contemporary american picture books including where the wild things are and it's a book. revise conjunctions and verb tenses before writing a story about their own fantastic adventure.

stories on a theme: picture books from the usa

non-fiction 4 units

using an interview with a tiger, learn more about a range of animals, find information, make notes and create fact files. revise sentence types and practise writing descriptively before writing a class information book.

information texts: interviews

poetry 4 units

enjoy and explore valerie bloom's wonderful animal poems. read and write rhyming poems, compose a kenning and write a poetry appreciation. add description using adjectives and adverbs and revise sentence punctuation.

poems on a theme: animals

fiction 4 units

read and enjoy several short stories about betsey biggalow. make predictions and write creatively about characters and settings. learn how to use subordinating conjunctions and revise verb tenses before writing a short story.

stories by the same author: malorie blackman

non-fiction 4 units

using food-focused stories as inspiration, write instructions linked to the characters and themes. revise commas in lists and explore sentence types. compare the texts read and write a book review.

instructions: food stories

poetry 4 units

explore the beauty of night through the wonderful moon by britta teckentrup. compose acrostic poems and rhyming couplets using adjectives and adverbs for description. revise singular and plural spelling rules.

poems on a theme: night poems