year 3 english

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autumn blocks

2 units

using the promise and secret sky garden, match colours to feelings to create a growth mindset. plant seeds, create drama, characters and art based on the blue horse of franz marc.

wellbeing: feeling and growing

fiction 4 units

read i'll take you to mrs cole and other stories by michael foreman. write a new version. study dialogue, verbs, and conjunctions for time, place, cause.

stories by the same author: stories by michael foreman

non-fiction 4 units

read escape to pompeii by christina balit & the roman record by paul dowswell. research, take notes & write newspaper recounts. study the perfect form & adverbs for time & place.

recounts: newspaper recounts

poetry 4 units

read poems, exploring images created through language. write and perform image poetry about animals and weather. study noun phrases, prepositions for time, place, cause.

poetic language: animals and weather

fiction 5 units

explore myths using marcia williams’ the romans: gods, emperors & dormice and group reader romulus and remus. study dialogue punctuation, conjunctions and word classes.

myths and legends: roman myths

non-fiction 5 units

using game shows and quizzes children identify the differences between instructions and explanations. add information about time, place and cause to write clear instructions.

instructions and explanations: game shows and quizzes

poetry 5 units

enjoy reading and writing humorous poems about teachers and school life. study the use of powerful verbs, adverbs and prepositions to create impact.

humorous poems: school poems

fiction 6 units

read traditional indian tales in madhur jaffrey’s seasons of splendour. analyse, compare and write own versions. grammar covers conjunctions, prepositions and adverbs.

traditional tales and fables: tales from india

non-fiction 5 units

spark curiosities with dk children’s book of sport. explore, read and write about a huge range of sports. revise word classes and extend sentences with conjunctions.

reports: non-chronological reports: sports

poetry 5 units

get festive with let’s celebrate! (debjani chatterjee & brian d’arcy). explore, write and perform celebration poetry. revise word classes and prepositions for time, place, cause.

poems on a theme: festival poems from around the world