year 4 english

choose the block you wish to teach

autumn blocks

2 units

using a text in which a child’s worries are encapsulated in a suitcase children express ideas through paper modelling, colours and painting, sculptures and dance, also responding to save the children’s global lockdown poem.

wellbeing: escapes and dreams

fiction 5 units

read a range of fables (rosen's aesop's fables) explore dialogue through drama, debate moral messages and write letters using extended sentences. finally children write fables.

traditional tales and fables: aesop's fables

non-fiction 5 units

discuss inventions. imagine the future using was it better now? explore biography (genius of leonardo) study verbs, perfect form, adverbs; write an autobiography.

biographies: inventors

poetry 5 units

use studio ghibli films and contemporary japanese popular culture, including pokémon, to frame the study of haikus & syllabic poems. use descriptive language & adverbials.

poetic forms: syllabic poems

fiction 6 units

read the hilarious how to train your dragon, exploring plot, character, setting & style. study pronouns, dialogue punctuation and adverbials. write a new chapter.

fantasy: how to train your dragon

non-fiction 5 units

get creative with the usborne complete book of art ideas, exploring instructions & explanations. study possessive apostrophes and pronouns. invent and introduce an art machine.

instructions and explanations: art ideas

poetry 6 units

it’s raining cats and dogs! explore poems about dogs and cats. investigate form and language and make comparisons. write a poem from the point of view of a pet.

poems on a theme: raining cats and dogs

fiction 5 units

relish in a selection of outrageous horrid henry stories. explore setting, character and plot. study expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials. write a new story.

familiar settings: horrid henry stories

non-fiction 5 units

amazing architecture, world landmarks and influential architects inspire this block. using cool architecture (simon armstrong) as a starting point, read and write stimulating reports. revise extending sentences with conjunctions and use apostrophes for possession.

reports: amazing architecture

poetry 5 units

focusing on imagery, this block explores how poems use simile and metaphor to create powerful images. photographs, collage and jeannie baker's window inspire poetry writing.

poetic language: poetry using imagery